Send Us Your Holiday Photos!

Part of what makes unique is that we want to incorporate as much real, personal content as we can. Throughout the day, take pictures of things going on around the house.

Are you making Christmas cookies? Maybe wrapping the presents? Building a snowman? Hanging Christmas lights? Having a Christmas party?

Send us everything and anything that you want! You can either tweet pic us @thesantatracker orĀ share them on our facebook.

We review ALL submissions and we will be updating the Santa Tracker website and stream throughout the day with new content as it arrives.

Santa Tracking Team

Welcome to the Santa Tracking Center Log!

On behalf of the tracking team here at, I’d like to thank you for stopping by the Santa tracking center. We are always trying to create new features that will improve your Santa tracking experience.

As we get closer to Christmas, you may find that new thingsĀ  start to show up. Occasionally, you may even be lucky enough to see us testing some of these new features ahead of time.

Don’t worry, all of this will be perfect by the time Santa leaves the North Pole on Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas! Santa Tracker Team