Guatemala to Jamaica

Santa has been cruising through Central America have just finished up Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and most recently Guatemala. We are currently tracking Santa as he enters Jamaica After Jamaica, we anticipate that Santa will visit several of the surrounding islands and then return back towards Mexico!


The Tracking Center received several emails from tracking followers in San Pedro, Guatemala who claim to have seen Santa Claus flying over the sky. From one of the email (translated to English):

“We saw what appeared to be a low flying red light in the distance. At first we thought the light was simply a star but it was moving very fast. Before we knew it, the light disappeared over the mountains in the distance. My neighbor also saw it and claims that the red light was coming from Rudolph’s nose. I wanted to let you know about this right away.”

Be sure to let us know about any Santa sightings that you have so that we can pass them along via our Santa Tracker!

Santa Tracking Team

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