Santa Tracker starts TONIGHT!


I cannot even contain my excitement! The Santa Tracker will go online very late tonight! I’ve been tracking Santa with this team for 10 years and there is nothing like it. The Tracking Center is such a joyful place since everyone there believes in the Christmas spirit.

Here’s a few important details that I wanted to share. First off, our tracking team will arrive tonight (12/23) in the early evening. Once everyone arrives, we will begin booting the tracking system. This can take a couple of hours and requires our computers to connect to a number of GPS satellites. You may notice some of the online Tracking Center features start to come alive as we turn our computers on.

We expect that Santa will likely leave in the very early hours of Christmas Eve (although his time varies every year). What we do know is that there is a large sendoff around the Grand Tree in the North Pole village. So when we start seeing lots of elves gathering around the tree, we know that Santa will leave soon after.

While you track Santa, you can simply open the Tracking Center and follow his movements on the map. There shouldn’t be any reason for you to have to refresh the page since updates happen automatically. You can also check out the other fun things that our Santa Tracker website has to offer while you wait.

We also will be posting updates on our Twitter page, @TheSantaTracker!

See you guys later!

Santa Tracking Team

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