Guest Blog by Ginger Elf: Track Santa!


Hey there,

This is Ginger, one of Santa’s Elves. Before Santa left, he asked me to write a post on his blog about his trip around the world.

I’m sure you’ve probably already read Mrs.Claus’ blog post from earlier, but I thought I would add that the launch event went great. One of my favorite events of the year is when Santa leaves the North Pole on Christmas Eve! There is so much excitement in the air because everyone can’t wait for Christmas to arrive! As Elves, we are also happy to know that good children around the world will receive the special gifts that we made for them here in the North Pole!

After Santa leaves, all the Elves track Santa on his journey! We have an Official North Pole Santa Tracker that shows us exactly where Santa is in the world. We can even watch for him to visit one of the homes with the Santa Cams! Are you using the Santa tracker this year?

Don’t forget, you can also play with Santa’s Internet Controlled Christmas Tree or listen to Christmas music! I think there’s a Santa’s Controllable Tree marathon going on right now so you can still control it non-stop for another day!

Have a great Christmas!


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