Tonight is the Night!

HO HO HO! Wow has December gone by fast! It feels like just yesterday I was writing the first post for this years Santa Blog! As I type this, Elves around the North Pole are working extremely hard to get everything perfect for tonight. Although all of the toys are finished, we still have thousands […]

Annual North Pole Christmas Party

Ho Ho Ho! I just got back from checking in on the Elves in the post office. It is unbelievable how many letters I receive each year. Children from all around the world send me letters and it is the Elves job to make sure that all of the letters are organized for me when […]

Make your own Reindeer Food!

I went to the barn today to check on the Reindeer since I’m told they are getting excited for Christmas.  I found them playing outside jumping into the sky to see who could fly the fastest. The reindeer have been practicing their flying a lot lately and are eating much more than normal since they […]

The Sleigh Test Run

Today we took the sleigh out for a test run! For the first time since last Christmas, the Elves from the Reindeer Barn took the Reindeer outside and hooked them up to the sleigh. Blitzen and Prancer danced around and Rudolph’s nose  bright red! They were just so excited! When all the Reindeer were attached, […]

Cleaning my Santa Suit!

Today is an important day here in the North Pole; it is time to clean my suit one final time before Christmas! This is a necessary step since my suit has to travel around the world with me and head up and down the many chimneys without ripping. The sewing Elves will replace any loose […]