Guest Blog by Mrs. Claus: It’s Christmas Eve!


I just love this magical time of year!

The Christmas lights, ornaments and trees are all set and the fresh snowfall looks beautiful on the ground in the North Pole Village! We work very hard during the year to prepare for Christmas and when it finally arrives and Santa leaves for his journey, the Elves and I take time off to celebrate the day with each other. After all, Christmas is about more than just presents, it’s a great time remind others that you care about them.

As I’m sure you already know, Santa left the North Pole early this morning. We threw him a huge launch party and when it was time to go, Rudolph’s red nose shined so bright! Santa and his sleigh looked great as it flew off into the distance. After he left, the Elves and I sang more Christmas songs, ate a few more  Christmas cookies and then headed home to sleep before another full day of celebrating started.

Are you tracking Santa today as he travels around the world? If you aren’t, you should because it’s a lot of fun! The Elves and I use the Official Santa Tracker! I really like this Santa Tracker because it has a lot of great features including Santa Cams! You can also listen to Christmas music today on North Pole Radio!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


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