What a great summer!

Ho Ho Ho! I hope this post finds you all in good cheer and high spirits. As the summer sunshine sets over the North Pole, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the magical adventures I’ve been having during my summer break. While you were all enjoying your summer vacations, I decided […]

Here we go!

Ho Ho Ho! The time has come; the sleigh is ready, the Reindeer are hooked up and I’m about to hop into my sleigh and take off! I’ve read your letters and I’ll do my best to make sure that your Christmas is wonderful. You deserve it! You’ve been a very nice person this year, […]

It is Almost Time to Leave!

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is just about here! My magical sleigh is packed and soon the Reindeer will come out of their barn with their bell harnesses on so they can be hooked up. I’m very excited about this years trip because I have more presents than ever to bring all of the good boys […]

The Santa Tracker System

Ho Ho Ho! Today I was working with the Santa tracking team. We are working on updating the Santa tracking system for this years Santa Tracker 2023 event! I really enjoy having you guys follow me around the world each year. It is a very long journey but I have a great time doing it! […]

Write Santa a Letter!

Ho Ho Ho! I wanted to write you a note to remind you to write Santa a letter this year! There are billions of kids around the world and I do my best to bring everyone presents that they want. The only problem is, unless you tell me what you want I won’t know what […]