Do you like Christmas Music?

Hello! Do you love listening to Christmas music? If you haven’t already started listening to it, let me suggest a great station for you to listen to. For the past few years, the elves have decided to broadcast our local North Pole radio station online for the world to hear. You can hear it yourself […]

Ho Ho Ho! Yesterday I talked about the lighting of the Grand Tree in the North Pole Village. As always, it was a lot of fun and over 15 THOUSAND elves showed up to help celebrate the start of December! The night usually starts with all of the elves singing Christmas songs, we even sang […]

Christmas in the North Pole

Although the month of December has just started, we have nearly 3 feet of snow here at the North Pole. That may seem like a lot, but sometimes we can get up to 15 feet of snow from a storm! Next time we have a snow storm, I’ll take a picture of how snowy it […]

Welcome to Santa’s Blog!

Ho Ho Ho! What a year it has been; it seems like only yesterday I was traveling the world bringing presents to all the good boys and girls. The Elves have been working very hard throughout the spring and summer to ensure that we will have plenty of presents available for everyone! Throughout the month […]

A Week Away!

Ho Ho Ho! I am SO excited to say that we are only a WEEK away from the start of the Santa Tracking season! On December 1st, many of features of my website will go live as we count down to our Santa Tracker 2023 event! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to write a […]