Elf Buddies are Back!


Ho Ho Ho!

A few weeks ago, several of the Elves reminded me about all the fun they had emailing their friends last year through the Elf Buddy program. While Mrs.Claus and I often travel around the world, the Elves don’t have as many chances to leave the North Pole and meet other people. After thinking about it, I decided to continue the Elf Buddy program this year! You can view the Elves currently available by going to the Elf Buddy Adoption Page.

Every Elf is different (just like every child is different) so we decided to have the Elves answer a few questions so children could pick an Elf Buddy similar to them. This year; Charlie, Lola, Ginger and Buddy are again available Elf Buddies! You can signup by going to the Adopt an Elf Buddy page and you only need to provide some very basic information to start.

The Elf Buddies hope to send out emails every few days so I hope you sign up to start receiving them. The Elves are very excited about it and I hope you are too!

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